1 = depository, repository, reservoir, storehouse, warehouse, storage tank, stack area, storeroom [store-room], storing room, stackroom [stack room, stack-room], tank, depot, stockroom, reservoir, storage facility, storage room, pool.
Ex. She began her career at Central Missouri State University where she was Head of the Documents depository.
Ex. Libraries are the repositories of the records produced and they have been aptly described as standing in the same relationship to society as does the memory to the individual.
Ex. The first alternative views the library as a storehouse for cultural materials, a reservoir of significant books.
Ex. The first alternative views the library as a storehouse for cultural materials, a reservoir of significant books.
Ex. Our warehouse shelter a 13 metre high, 60 ton ammonia retort and a 37 metre wingspan airliner.
Ex. Locate technical reports that discuss the design of storage tanks for hazardous materials.
Ex. All these issues were successfully addressed by rearranging study, reference, and stack areas and enclosing a small office to create a more vibrant, reference oriented library environment.
Ex. Mathematical models are presented that describe the diffusion of gaseous pollutants from the air in a storeroom into protective containers and the reaction with the documents lying in them.
Ex. It is unlikely for libraries in poor countries to set up a special building or storing room and finance its maintenance.
Ex. The lower level consists of the general workroom, librarian's office, bindery, stackroom, staff restroom, and soundproof listening rooms for students.
Ex. All air entering the building should be pumped through tanks of water to remove pollutants.
Ex. The depot buys the books for the schools and passes on to them some of the discount it receives by buying direct from the publishers.
Ex. Among the causes of damage to archival records, temperature, moisture content, and pollution of the air in stockrooms play an important role.
Ex. The article is entitled 'Tapping a serviceable resevoir: the selection of periodicals for art libraries'.
Ex. Due to a seasonal demand, when the storage facility is full this product has to be dumped into the quarry using dumpers.
Ex. All storage rooms where flammable liquids are stored should have restricted access and be properly identified.
Ex. Forming a pool, the participants share the cataloguing work and receive the contributions from all the others = Formando un fondo común, los participantes comparten el trabajo de catalogación y reciben las aportaciones de los demás.
* creación de depósitos de datos = data warehousing.
* depósito anejo = remote storage.
* depósito de agua elevado = water tower.
* depósito de archivo = archival depot, archives depot.
* depósito de armas = ammunition dump, ammunition compound, ammunition depot, ammo depot.
* depósito de cadáveres = morgue, mortuary.
* depósito de datos = data warehouse.
* depósito de documentos digitales = repository.
* depósito de documentos electrónicos = repository.
* depósito de libros = book depot.
* depósito de muebles = furniture warehouse, furniture repository.
* depósito de préstamos después de las horas de apertura = after-hours book drop.
* depósito de recursos electrónicos = electronic repository [e-repository].
* depósito de reserva = local reserve store, reserve store.
* depósito de seguridad = storage vault.
* depósito para el detergente = detergent tank.
* depósito petrolero = oil reservoir.
* llenar el depósito = gas up.
* petición del depósito = stack request.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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